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Bert Universe

This site contains caricatures of the Bert figure from Sesame Street in different settings.
The Bert figure is copyrighted by Jim Henson Productions Inc.
Sesame Street is registred by Jim Henson Productions Inc.
Muppet is registred by Jim Henson Productions Inc.
Copying of pictures from this site is only allowed for noncommercial purposes.

The idea for this site is plainly stolen from the Evil Bert pictures, but on this site Bert is never evil, so pertaining the natural friendly character of Bert.

The Bert model was created by Maurice Zuiderwijk.
The settings and pictures were created by Ruud Rietvink.

This site is under construction, currently there are only 5 settings with a total of 17 Bert pictures.

  • Bert on the moon.
  • Jonh, Paul, George, Ringo & Bert.
  • B-3RT.
  • Calvin and Bert.
  • Night Bert Watch.

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