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Statistics of the french fry of the day

Each work day I try to steal 1 or more french fries with peanut sauce (a Dutch flavor, besides mayo) from a colleague at work. In order to fill up the internet with useless information I will delight you with statistics on my review of these fries.
The layout of this page was stolen from NedStat, but the bastards have changed it again.

Unfortunately my employer stopped selling fries in their cantine and I also don't work there anymore since March 1, 2002. So new statistics are only expected in the far future.

Statistics starting at 2000/04/25
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Total number of fries since the start of the review:
Best french fry so far:
Worst french fry so far:

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Top 10 french fries
#DateLength (cms)HeatStructureTastePeanut sauceStolen fromTotal figure

Bottom 10 french fries
#DateLength (cms)HeatStructureTastePeanut sauceStolen fromTotal figure

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