My pityful life so far

I was born on the drizzly morning of July the 22nd of the year 1961 (which makes me an old dude today). It all happened in Den Helder in The Netherlands, but they soon kicked me out, so I now live in Den Haag (The Hague) where the temperature is now approx.
Until today nothing very exciting happened to me, and I fear today won't be an exception.
The End.

My working career

I started working (uhh, being there anyway) at Lucent Technologies in 1985, but it was called different in those years (who cares?). Since april 1998, I work for PTS, a software company.

Current status

I am still single, lazy, somewhat on the large side, 1.97m long, blond (hey, is this a personal ad?) and desperately looking for a nice babe who wants to spoil me rotten (yeah, guess it's an ad).
This is a picture of me at "work".
This is a picture of me in the dark.
This is a picture of me and a colleague.
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